Data source

Simple UI elements

Simple elements can use any available variable as a data source. To set up a data source you need:

  1. Select a UI element. For example a UI element: Text
  2. Go to the Config settings

      3. Go to a field that supports data connection.  For a Text element this is a field Text in the section Appearance

      4. Type in {{

      5. Select a variable from the list that you want to use as a data source:

Complex UI elements

Complex UI elements: tables, maps and so on have a special field to set a data source.

  1. Select a UI element
  2. Go to the settings
  3. Open the tab Data
  4. Go to the section Data connection

In this setting you can define a variable that will populate the values of a complex UI element.

Complex UI elements require certain format of variables. You can find a template for the selected element by clicking on the icon near the “Data source” title

For example this is a format for the element Smart Table:

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