Connect a custom domain

Once your app is built, you can host it either on the UI Bakery domain, or add and use a custom one. Below, we’re providing a step-by-step guide on how to add a custom domain to your project.


  • A Hosting plan is added to your UI Bakery account.
  • You’ve bought a domain from a provider of your choice.
  • You’ve reset your DNS settings if you've previously hosted your domain elsewhere. This will help to minimize or even eliminate the issues or conflicts requiring DNS settings troubleshooting later.


  1. Go to the Hosting tab in your Project settings.
  2. Enter your domain name, and click Add domain

3. Check the configuration settings available for your domain.

4. Go to the DNS settings of your domain provider, and add a record specified in the table below.

    5. Go back to the Project settings, and click Connect.

Adding a domain and issuing an SSL certificate may take up to 8 hours. You can leave UI Bakery and come back at any time, and click the Check status button to see the progress.

   6. Once the domain is connected, you’ll see the “Connected” status.

Now, you can publish your app to your own domain right from the “Deploy your project” tab in UI Bakery.

And that’s it. Happy deploying!

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