How to divide spaces

Placing content on a page doesn't seem so easy. Usually, creators have lots of issues dedicated to placing information on the page. Here, in UI Bakery we use spaces to create a different placement of the elements and their alignments on the page. As we know, space - an area of a container component, that could be divided into other areas and where other components could be added. We can divide space to place info as we want to.

To divide space, click on a space, then click on the table icon. Now you see the list of divided spaces, select an appropriate one from the list. It is just the beginning. We can fill our spaces with text, image, links, etc.

Let's see the following example. Open a new page, click on space, add a card there, delete header and footer, select a card's width - 500px and align it to the center horizontally and vertically. Then select a space that placed in a card, click on it and select table icon. The space was divided. Now we will add some images, text, input and radio buttons.

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