How to create two column layout

While looking through a web page you can notice that the main thing the user looks for is content. But, for better understanding and getting a sense, it is also important to display content properly. There are lots of layouts types like single column, two-column (or split-screen), asymmetrical, etc.

In our case, we will create a two-column layout that quite popular when you need to compare something or to display two main ideas per page. Lets strat creating a two column layout. So, open a new project, click on a parent space, click on it and select table icon divide space into two equal parts. Add a card to a left space, delete card's header and footer, select a space that placed inside a card, add a picture and change picture's width and height. Copy that card and add it to the right space. Delete a picture, then select a space that placed inside the card and add one more space. Enter heading and text into spaces.

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