As you know, every house starts from a foundation. In case of building application pages - every page begins from a layout.
A layout is a pattern that defines an application structure. It has the role of structuring the information present on an application both for the application’s owner and for users. It provides clear paths for navigation within an application and puts the most important elements of an application front and centre. In UI Bakery we use tab “Layout” to create different layouts for the whole application or the one page of the application. Tab “Layout” is situated in the Page management Panel.

To open Page management Panel we need to open any active project (or create a new one if there are no projects in UI Bakery) than go to the work area. At the top left corner of your work area, you will see a button "Page management Panel".

For better user experience we recommend creating the layout for the whole application or a page before using spaces.

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