This is the place where you can customize the design system for the project. Since UI Bakery is based on a customizable design system, you’ll get a new design for the whole application in a few clicks. Your projects will be automatically changed and saved by the changes in the design system. There is no need to waste your time on repainting colors of components, widgets, etc. through the projects you have made. To open a Painter Tool click on the icon “drop” at the left-centre of a screen.
To change the theme of application click on the theme you want in the configuration panel. For now, only two themes are available: light and dark. Every theme of your application can be edited, renamed and deleted. To do these actions you need to click on pen icon or icon “...” respectively which are placed in the configurational panel on the bottom right corner of the chosen theme.

If you want to customize your theme deeply than click on the pen icon. Go to the configuration panel, choose the primary color of the application you want to from color palette or you can upload your logo and UI Bakery will automatically define the primary color of your application. To upload your logo click on the “square with color primary” on the configuration panel of Painter Tool, choose the tab “from logo”.

Also in the configuration panel of Painter Tool, you can change the shape of all of your elements through the whole application by clicking on the tab “shape” which is situated on the top right corner of the screen.

Painter Tool consists of the following parts: work area, configuration panel, toolbar (almost the same as in Builder Tool, except Page management panel). The description of these parts you can find in the section “Builder Tool” above.
As we finished to look through UI Bakery interface, it is time to know more about spaces and elements in detail.

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