Hi, how can we help you?

Hey, How Can We Help You?

Below, you will find the questions we get commonly asked. If you don't find what you're looking for here, do not hesitate to write to our customer support team directly.

How can I make my application responsive?
The responsive feature is available right in UI Bakery. You can watch the introduction video to understand how it works.
How can I learn faster how to work in UI Bakery?
To speed up your learning process, participate in our free webinars and watch tutorial videos.
Do I need a browser only to access UI Bakery? If so, which browsers are supported?
Yes, you need a browser only. UI Bakery can be accessed from any browser. For now, Google Chrome provides better user experience.
I need more free templates. Can you prepare them?
Absolutely. We continuously collect all the requests for custom templates. To leave your request, write to us: support@uibakery.io. We'll prepare the most demanded templates shortly.
Can I quickly get a nice and simple registration form?
Sure, you can easily build your signup/registration/login form and download its Angular code even within a free plan. What's more, we have a free SignUp Form Builder with a range of ready-made templates you can use for free not to create your signup form from scratch.
Which Angular version code does UI Bakery generate according to the Standard plan?
No matter what plan you use – UI Bakery generates Angular 9+.
How can I change 320px resolution for mobile devices to a higher one?
Now, UI Bakery supports 5 screen resolutions: desktop (1496px), laptop (1024px), tablet (768px), mobile phone with horizontal orientation (480px), and mobile phone with vertical orientation (320px). You can pick the one you need at the top of the page right in the middle of the UI Bakery window.
Once I download the form, how can I put it in my HTML file?
Once you download your app Angular code generated in UI Bakery, you'll need then to integrate it with the technology stack on your website. We recommend to look through Angular prerequisites here, or get started here.
How can I download the Angular code from UI Bakery?
You just need to click on the "Get code" button placed in the right upper corner in UI Bakery.
How can I deploy my app if I have the backend running on Spring boot with lots of APIs, which I need to show to end-users using UI Bakery?
When you create an app in UI Bakery, it generates the valid Angular code for you. To deploy your app, you need to click on the "Get code" button in the right upper corner of the UI Bakery window, download the code, and then deploy it just like you would do with any other Angular app. You can find some instructions on Angular app deployment here. Note: you will still have to code a bit to connect your frontend application to your API. Good news: after the Data connection release on June 18, 2020, you will be able to do it right in UI Bakery.
Can I take part in Data connection beta testing?
Data connection is not available for the public use yet. We've conducted some beta testing, and our users helped us see some limitations we've decided to eliminate before release. Thus, we've postponed the release date a bit. The Data connection feature will be finally available for the wide public on June 18, 2020.
Does UI Bakery support Angular Material UI component library?
For now, only Nebular, a customizable UI library, is supported in UI Bakery. However, we get many requests to add Angular Material support as well, so it will probably be included in our plans.