How can we help you?

Hey, How Can We Help You?

Find the answers to the most popular questions below. Reach out to our support team via if you don't find what you need.

How can I make my web app responsive?
UI Bakery ensures automatic responsive design for a web app you build. You can watch the introduction video to understand how it works.
How long does it take to learn UI Bakery, and how can I speed up the process?
Depending on your technical background and JavaScript knowledge, it can take from a couple of hours to a few days to onboard. To become a UI Bakery pro, you'll need to practise about a week. To speed up your learning process, you can pass an interactive tutorial right in the platform, look through our how-to guides, watch our free webinars and tutorial videos.
What can I do with UI Bakery?
UI Bakery is an intuitively understandable UI builder allowing you to create internal tools and business apps. It provides you with a range of ready-made templates, predefined widgets, and other UI components you can use when building your app. With data connection & API integration ensured, you can link the frontend you create in UI Bakery to your databases, APIs, and third-party services. Also, UI Bakery handles everything related to UI libraries, access controls configuration, NPM modules updates, so you don't need to worry about it.
I need more free templates. Can I get the ones you don't have yet?
Absolutely. We continuously collect all the requests for custom templates. Feel free to leave your request in our community, or write to us We'll include the most demanded templates in our roadmap.
What if I need a UI component that UI Bakery doesn't have yet?
We're soon releasing custom components so that any user could add his own UI components to the project. As for now, if the component you need can be used in different business domains, we'll build it for free, and make it available for all UI Bakery users. If the component you need is too industry-specific and will be created only for your project, we can build it at a fixed price. The price depends on the component complexity.Also, you can use NMP libraries ( in your project code. For any clarification, contact us via
How can I change 320px resolution for mobile devices to a higher one?
Now, UI Bakery supports 5 screen resolutions: desktop (1496px), laptop (1024px), tablet (768px), mobile phone with horizontal orientation (480px), and mobile phone with vertical orientation (320px). You can pick the one you need at the top of the page right in the middle of the UI Bakery window.
What data sources and third-party services can I connect to UI Bakery?
You can fetch data from your own backend, and perform any action by calling to HTTP APIs right in UI Bakery. You can also integrate your frontend with the needed SQL database like Postgres, MySQL, Google Sheets, Firebase, and more.
Can I access UI Bakery from any browser?
Yes, you can use any browser to work in UI Bakery. Nevertheless, Google Chrome provides better user experience.
How secure is UI Bakery? Where's my data stored?
You are the only owner of your data, we do not store anything. We allow you to connect to your data sources, and display the data correctly via the UI built using UI Bakery. When you run a query, UI Bakery directs the request to your database, and none of your data is stored on our end. All the credentials are encrypted.
Is there anything I can't do with UI Bakery?
At the moment, you can't build a mobile app (neither Android nor iOS) or a video call platform with a live chat. UI Bakery is also not suitable for creating websites.
Does UI Bakery support Angular Material UI component library?
For now, Nebular, a customizable web UI library is supported in UI Bakery. However, we're planning to add Angular Material support as well.