How to set a page as a Root page right in UI Bakery

In this article, you'll see how to set a page as a root page in the UI Bakery apps builder using Data settings & duplication.

The first page of your project is a root page of your app. If you need to change the root page, there are 2 possible workarounds.

Let's imagine that you need to set a "rent" page as a root page of the project.

The root page of the project is a "Home" page.

The first workaround is to click on the root space of the "Home" page, go to the Data settings, and set a new action – "On Init".

Go the Data tool, and create an action using a Navigation step.

To select the page to navigate, use a shortcut – Ctrl+Space, and select the "rent" page.

Now, when you open the project, the "Home" page and the action set in the root space would be initialized. As a result, you're redirected to the "rent" page.

The second workaround is to use duplication.

You need to set the "rent" page as a root page while now, the "Home" page is root. The idea is to simply duplicate the "Home" (the first one) and the "oldPage" (the second one) pages by clicking on the duplication button inside the "Structure" in the "Pages" tab.

Once finished with duplication, you can delete the "Home" and "oldPage" pages to make the "rent" page the first (and the root) in the project.

Note: the duplicated page (or pages) moves to the bottom of the pages list with an additional number in the name, e.g. "Home" -> "Home1", "oldPage" -> "oldPage1".

To see how it works:

  1. Register, or log in UI Bakery.
  2. Create a new project, or open the existing one.
  3. Follow the steps in the guide above to get the result.